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Angelique Richardson's Letter to the Editor - Leadership Tangipahoa Honor's Radio Host - Rosa Dunn

For Immediate Release:                                                       11/30/16
Contact:                                                                                 Jeremy Peltier

Angelique Richardson's Letter to the Editor - Leadership Tangipahoa Honor's Radio Host - Rosa Dunn

Dear Editor,

I was honored today, to be a part of a luncheon held in the honor of Mrs. Rosa Dunn.  Along with the rest of the board of Leadership Tangipahoa, I had the pleasure of presenting Mrs. Rosa with a certificate and token of our appreciation for her many years of service to our organization, and to our entire community.

Rosa Dunn has been the talk show host of KSLU's "Point of View" since 1988.  KSLU's website states that, "Point of View is KSLU's community interest show which features news and information that impacts our local community.  Host Rosa Dunn invites area leaders and newsmakers to the program to discuss upcoming events, healthy living options, non-profit activities and a variety of other topics that benefit listeners in our region."   

Rosa is an incredibly skilled radio journalist.  Through the years, I told students that were scheduled for her show, often times it being their first time to ever speak publicly, "Don't worry.  You're on Rosa's show."  She could talk to anyone, even the wallflowers, make them comfortable and get them talking.  More than once, I have heard these first-timers say after the show, "It's already over.  Wow!  That was easy."  The truth is, Rosa made is "seem" easy, and that was her greatest strength.  But that is not why Leadership Tangipahoa decided to honor her today.  It is what she used that incredible talent for, that makes her stand out as an extraordinary individual.

Rosa's show airs every Thursday and Friday, for the most part.  As a CPA, I can't help but do the math.  After close to 30 years of 2 shows a week, Rosa has hosted approximately 3,000 shows.  And with each show having, typically, at least 2 community events, that is close to 6,000 topics, 6,000 community events, 6,000 calls to action, and 6,000 conversations that brought good and positive change to our community.  Because that is what Rosa Dunn does.  She brings good.  She spreads goodness.  She shares goodness.  If you look at her speaker list just over the last few months, you see organizations like: Options, Tangi. Toys for Tots, Chamber Offices, Rotary Clubs, Leadership Tangipahoa, Garden Clubs, LA Children's' Discovery Center, Local Government, Southeastern, TARC, North Oaks, Kiwanis Clubs, Hammond Regional Arts Center, Columbia, Libraries, Child Advocacy, Council on Aging, The Fuller Center, and the Special Olympics. Basically, if you want to do good in our community, the first person you go see is Rosa Dunn. And when you get there, you are guaranteed to be greeted with a smile. 

Rosa has been fighting a terrible battle these last years.  Despite the pain, the uncertainty, and the doctor's visits, I guarantee you; you are always greeted with that smile.  Her smile is infectious and room-brightening!  So not only does she help spread good news throughout our community, but she does it while also spreading happiness and joy.  She has been an inspiration to so many, and to me personally, and there are no words strong enough to express our sincere gratitude for her service to our organization and to our entire community.  Thank you, Rosa Dunn!

Angelique Richardson, CPA, CGMA, NP
CFO, Jani-King
Treasurer, Leadership Tangipahoa