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Betsy Hood's Letter to the Editor on Criminal Justice Session

For Immediate Release:                                                       12/30/13
Contact:                                                                                 Nic LeBlanc

Betsy Hood's Letter to the Editor on Criminal Justice Session

On December 17 the 2014 Leadership Tangipahoa class met again for the criminal justice class!  We started the day at the Florida Parishes Juvenile Detention Center.  The director of the facility Mr. Tom Jarloc spoke to us about how things work and about what goes on there.  After he spoke to us Mr. Russell sanders the director of operations gave us a tour of the facility.  Thank all of you at the juvenile detention center that took time out of your schedule to show us around and answer all of our questions.

Our next stop was the Tangipahoa parish jail in Amite.  Mr. Eric Andrews gave a brief overview of what goes on there and the procedures of the way they handle booking the inmates and what all has to happen in doing so along with a tour of the facility. Thank you Mr. Andrews.  When leaving the jail our next stop was next door at the 911 center.  The director of the center Mr. Dennis Darouse spoke to us about the 911 center and gave us a tour of the call room and demonstrated how they handle a call when one comes into their call center! 

Our next stop was back in Hammond for lunch at Trey Yuen courtesy of sheriff Daniel Edwards!  Leaving Trey Yuen we headed to our last stop which was the substation where we had a few different speakers.  Mrs. Tonilyn Norris showed us a slideshow of the different things the sheriff office handles for our parish, Sheriff Edwards then spoke to us as well and answered any questions we had for him.  Following Sheriff Edwards Judge Grace Bennett Gassaway then spoke to us of how the court system works and spoke to us about the divisions of court.   Mr. Toby Aguillard from the internet protection agency of child pornography presented a slide show of what his agency handles and we want to thank him and his whole agency for their hard work in protecting our children in our local communities.  Mr. Tommy Ferrand of the k-9 division of the sheriffs office talked to us briefly about his unit.

We finished our day at the tourism building with our final speaker of the day Mr. Scott Perrilloux, 21st judicial district attorney!  Our entire day was very informative and enlightening.  We want to thank everyone in the criminal justice field that work so hard for us every single day, you are greatly appreciated.  Also, a huge thank you for all of you that took time out of your day to come speak to our class!  And again thank you sheriff Edwards for lunch!

Betsy Hood
Leadership Tangipahoa 2013-2014