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Directors Seeking Applications for 2010-2011 Class

For Immediate Release:                                                       6/3/10
Contact:                                                                                 Stacey Neal

Leadership Tangipahoa is actively pursuing members for the 2010-11 class.  The application deadline is July 1, 2010.  Participants are required to attend an opening retreat August 27-29.  After the retreat, nine mandatory, monthly sessions are conducted on the third Thursday of each month. These sessions cover topics ranging from economic development and government to tourism and culture. The program concludes with a June graduation.  A select group of 20 or less individuals are chosen each year by the governing board of trustees. 

Visit www.leadershiptangi.org for full details and application.  Photographs from past and the current class showcase a few of the exciting opportunities that await participants.

Leadership Tangipahoa seeks out individuals who are interested in developing their skills as leaders, increasing their knowledge of our community, and learning what they can do to actively participate in community affairs. The purpose of Leadership Tangipahoa is to provide a forum for which students can attend and participate in workshops sponsored by community leaders and organizations to educate and develop their potential for community service.

The Leadership Tangipahoa program is based on the fundamentals of networking.  This year-long commitment, seeks to locate emerging leaders in the community, assist with their development, and position them to better serve themselves, their employers, and their community. Leadership Tangipahoa is a stepping stone for those individuals which intend to live, work, and play in Tangipahoa Parish for life.  

Participants in the Leadership Tangipahoa program hail from throughout Tangipahoa Parish.  The mix of ages and occupations create and excellent environment for education.  “The success of each class depends heavily on the involvement of the students.  The more diverse the class, the more effective discussions are.” says Emily McKneely, Leadership Tangipahoa Chairman.