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Trey Tantillo's Letter to the Editor on State Government Session

For Immediate Release:                                                       5/27/10
Contact:                                                                                 Stacey Neal

Trey Tantillo's Letter to the Editor on State Government Session

Dear Editor:

Over the last nine months the students of the Leadership Tangipahoa class of 2010 have met dozens of leaders across our parish. On May 20th, our class had the distinct opportunity to experience the pinnacle of Louisiana’s leadership first hand.

Our day began with a history and brief visit of the Louisiana governor’s mansion. Although the home is open for tours, it is the primary residence of Governor Jindal and the exploration was limited to the first floor only. From the mansion, we began our tour of the state capitol building courtesy of State representative Steve Pugh. Throughout the tour of the Senate and house floors, Representative Pugh catered to the History buffs in our class, referencing Governor Jimmie Davis’ “You are my sunshine”, Governor Long’s assassination and all too recent exploits of governor Edwin Edwards. Following Representative Pugh’s tour, our class was introduced to Representative John Bel Edwards. Representative Edwards explained to the class certain functions of the legislature as well as explaining his “day to day” life as a state representative. After speaking to our two representatives, we realized that the life of a state representative wasn’t as alluring as many of us thought. Following our visit with Representative Edwards, we were introduced to the House and received a final sendoff from our two representatives.

As in every session of Leadership Tangipahoa, this one certainly closed out exceeding my expectations. On behalf of leadership Tangipahoa, I would like to thank Representatives Steve Pugh and John Bel Edwards for their hospitality and the fine representation they are providing for Tangipahoa Parish.  

It has been a great experience to see our leaders at work, knowing that as residents of Tangipahoa parish, we are so well represented. Leadership Tangipahoa has afforded the class of 2010 the opportunity to see what it is to be a leader in our community and portray that in our everyday lives. As Ronald Reagan once said, “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”                          

Trey Tantillo,