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Leadership Tangipahoa

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10/8/2008 Brandi Hartman's Letter to the Editor on Leadership Competencies Session

For Immediate Release:                                                                                   10/8/08
Contact:                                                                                                          Cheri Viola        

Dear Editor:

I am a member of the Leadership Tangipahoa class of 2009. This class is so amazing and unique for so many different reasons. One reason is because this is the biggest leadership class we've ever had (total: 26 members). We are not only learning more about our parish, but also learning more about ourselves and each other. Other qualities that makes this class so unique is our diversity and how well everyone gets along with each other. I truly feel honored to call those 25 people my friends. It is so awesome how such a big group of perfect strangers can become so close in such a short amount of time.

Our first class was on September 18th at the Louisiana Department of Labor. We each had to bring our test results of a survey taken on the computer prior to the class. The test helped us pinpoint our personalities, work ethics, etc. It was fascinating how the test results described each of us so accurately. We also learned about virtues, code of ethics, and core values. Another part of the class consisted of all of us dividing into 8 different groups to discuss different topics and opinions. Next, we stood before the class to present our cases / situations.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people:

~ Kentwood City Hall and Mayor Harold Smith - for sponsoring me and giving me the     opportunity to experience such a wonderful class.

~ Glen Villalobos - for an awesome presentation and reflecting an example of a true leader of a class.

~ Berry Town Produce - thanks for the delicious lunch!

~ Entergy - for sponsoring our lunch.

Brandi Hartman
Kentwood, LA

Front row (left to right): Melanie Zaffuto, Patti Tregle, Farrah Laciura, Kim Notariano, Dennis Wallette, Kim Coates, John Vaughan, Terry Lynn Smith, Amber Burch, Justin Crossie
Middle row (left to right): Brandon Schanzbach, Jennifer Drude, Christine Patrick, Brandi Hartman, Sheila Tate, Robin Abrams, Deborah Anderson, Cindy Grega, Elsbet Smith, Glen Villalobos (facilitator), Christina Traylor Rusca
Back row (left to right): Tom Tolar, Joe Mier, Chuck Muse, Heather Williams, Andy Currier.  Not pictured:  Heather Thompson