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01/15/2008 Yolanda Callahan's Report on Health Care in Tangipahoa Parish

For Immediate Release:                                                                                   1/15/08
Contact:                                                                                                          Emily McKneely        

Dear Editor,

Being a part of the Tangipahoa Leadership class of 2007-2008 has been an experience that I will never forget.  It has helped to increase our leadership skill and helped us explore areas that we would not have been able to explore.

The fifth session we visited both the North Oaks and the Lallie Kemp Hospitals.

At North Oaks we first visited the Diagnostic Center in Hammond.  Michelle Sudden, Chief Operations Manager, informed of the expansion of the Hospital. She mentioned the Medicaid and Medicare program and how the hospital receives only 18% reimbursement whereas the other hospitals receive 100 %.

North Oaks was established April 20, 1960.  It currently has 355 beds, with 2,447 employees.  The hospital has teamed with Southeastern University to establish a Nursing class to enable us to have more nurses in our community.  North Oaks is the largest hospital on the north shore.  The emergency room ranks # 2.  Many new projects will be completed between 2008-2011.

Joyce O'Brien registered nurse for Hospice explained the Hospice Program.  It is special care given in the home which provides support in a sensitive manner for patients and their families.  There's no age limit, and this care lasts up to 6 months.

Janet Morse, Critical Service Care Director of ICU gave an overview of the unit.  Usually there's one nurse for each patient, and most of their nurses come from Southeastern.

After lunch we visited North Oaks Rehabilitation Clinic, where Richile Smart gave us a tour and advised us of the different programs.  Some patients live there, and are given the opportunity to plant flowers, and play games during their down time.  The cafeteria is also used for their activity room.  Andy Dillon showed us their equipment and how they worked.

This concluded our session at North Oaks and we proceeded to Lallie Kemp Hospital.

Dr. Willis our first speaker spoke of the Disease Management, and its approach which is based on scientifically found evidence.  Lallie Kemp is part of the LSU Charity Hospital system, almost 46 %. 

Connie Liuzza spoke and showed us the hospital, and each department.  The Quality Heart Care System is for patients with or without insurance.  This is because it is a state funded and operated hospital.  Lallie Kemp is the only Critical Care hospital in the area.  Bogalusa is the Critical net work hospital.  Lallie Kemp is a family atmosphere hospital.  Everyone is made comfortable.  They also have an inpatient and outpatient surgical unit.

Lallie Kemp has a Charity called "Lollipop" funded by the employees.  This enables patients that cannot afford items that are needed to be supplied by this program.

The hospital also has a program that helps patients with their Medicaid that can't afford it based on income.

Lallie Kemp has over 400 employees.  The hospital was funded by the Kents.  It was first started as a house and later became a hospital in 1948.

Between Lallie Kemp and North Oaks we have a lot to offer people in our parish.

Yolanda Callahan
Town of Kentwood